Utah Career Path High - Fees
Career Path High Student Fee Schedule
2020-21 School Year
Students Full Name
Basic Student Fee Schedule (9th-12th Grades)
Registration Fee:   $10.00   Select:   Item Subtotal:  
Materials/Activity Fee:   $20.00   Select:   Item Subtotal:  
Technology Fee:   $25.00   Select:   Item Subtotal:  
Learning Management System (LMS):   $10.00   Select:   Item Subtotal:  
Please uncheck Computer Use Fee below if you are using a personal laptop.
Computer Use Fee:   $80.00   Select:   Item Subtotal:  
Davis Tech Annual Registration Fee (All 11th and 12th Graders)
Davis Tech Fee (11-12 Grades):   $40.00   Select:   Item Subtotal:  
Optional Fees
Each laptop must have a laptop cover. If you are not purchasing one here, you must purchase it elsewhere.
Laptop Cover:   $13.00   Select:   Item Subtotal:  
Art Materials for Art Foundations I or II. Art Materials for Painting I or II.
Art Lab Fees:   $15.00   Select:   Item Subtotal:  
Miscellaneous Fees
Class Schedule Change:   $5.00   Select:   Item Subtotal:  
Late Registration Fee:   $10.00   Select:   Item Subtotal:  
"U" make up fee with community service:   $5.00   Select:   Item Subtotal:  
"U" make up class:   $15.00   Select:   Item Subtotal:  
Credit Recovery Class:   $40.00   Select:   Item Subtotal:  
Donate Funds to cover Davis Tech costs for Econ Disadvantaged Students
Davis Tech Books and Supplies Donation:   $   Item Subtotal:  
Payee's Information
First Name: Last Name:
City: State/Province: ZIP/Postal Code:
Payment Information:
Processing Fee Rates:
Cards: 3% plus $0.50 ($1.50 min)
(4.5% for foreign cards)
eCheck (ACH): $0.49
Method of Payment:
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Account Number:
Expiration Date:
Billing Street Address:
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Please be aware that Card Payments will describe this
transaction as Schools 800-764-0844 Clinton UT
We (Parent/Guardian) acknowledge, fully understand and agree that: (1) Fees are not refundable, in part or in full, if a student withdraws from Career Path High after the start of the school year. (Fees are for items that have already been purchased per student, such as user licenses for various applications, student laptop, and ID card.) (2) All students are responsible to pay for any loss, breakage or damage they cause. Loss, breakage or damage is not subject to the waiver requirements. Official transcript may be withheld if breakage or damage costs are not paid as outlined in UCA § 53A-11-806.
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