Richfield Area Chamber of Commerce
10U, 12U and 14U Divisions.   ASU Rules will apply
June 12-13, 2020   -  Richfield, Utah
For more information please contact:   Ric Roberts  435-893-1693
Each team will need to bring 4 new softballs!
Maximum number of teams will be 12 for 14U, 12 for 12U and 6 for 10U

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Informed Consent and Release: Important, this is a legal document, read carefully.  Each of us, the undersigned players/coaches, acknowledge, agree and understand to participate and hereby assume all risks of injury or loss incurred or suffered while and/or upon the premises of the City of Richfield and Richfield Area Chamber of Commerce, its agents, associates, employees or anyone connected with the City of Richfield and Richfield Area Chamber of Commerce may claim, damages, costs or cause or action which I have or may in the future have as a result of injuries or damages sustained or incurred while and/or upon the premises of the City of Richfield.  I the undersigned player/coach, acknowledge that I have read and understand the above.

Tournament Rules:

  • Follow H.S. Rules
  • Speed up for pitcher and catcher only unless an injury occurs to a player.
  • In pool play in case of a tie, when it is drop dead, the game will be decided by the last completed full inning less home team is ahead.
  • in tournament play in case of a tie, the international tie breaker rules will apply.
  • Open substitution.
  • Pitchers may step back while pitching.
  • 1 hour 10 minutes drop dead pool play.
  • 1 hour 15 minutes no new inning in tournament play.
  • 15 runs after 3 innings.
  • 10 runs after 5 innings.
  • The high seed is home team in tournament play.
  • In pool play the first team listed is the home team.
  • in both pool play and tournament play the home team score book is the official score book.
  • seeding after pool play: A) Wins and losses, B) Runs allowed, C) Runs scored, D) Coin flip.
  • Both 12U and 14U championship games are 1 hour and 25 min long.
  • All 16 players may bat if desired.
  • A player must play on only one team during the tournament.

I Agree
I have read and agree to the Informed Consent and Release and Tournament Rules
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