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We look forward to seeing our returning and new students at City Academy this year.
Please call (801) 596-8489 if you have any questions
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Medical Consent Agreement

In the event of medical emergency, when parent or guardian cannot be reached or in life threatening situations, I authorize City Academy to obtain emergency medical care (i.e., physician, dentist, paramedic, or other authorized emergency medical agents) and to obtain and provide emergency transportation. I understand that I or my insurance, if applicable, will be billed for such emergency medical treatment.
         I agree to the above Medical Consent Agreement

Mandatory Fees 

Check here if you expect to qualify for free meals/fee waiver. Mandatory fees are waived if you qualify for free status.  Application form will be available in August.
         Fee Waiver
Partial payment of required fees is due now if you haven't checked the above "Fee Waiver" box.
The balance will be due in August
Partial Payment of Mandatory Fees for Grades 7,8:   $170.00   Select:   Item Subtotal:  
Partial Payment of Mandatory Fees for Grades 9-12:   $195.00   Select:   Item Subtotal:  
Mandatory Fees include the following: Activity Fee, instructional & laboratory materials, texts, technology, software, equipment licenses, and transportation fee.
Parent School Organization (PSO) Donation:   $5.00   Select:   Item Subtotal:  
Donation to City Academy:   $   Item Subtotal:  
To help cover fees for families who cannot afford to pay them.

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