Wasatch Charter School

"Wasatch Charter School requests that each family complete 30 volunteer hours per year, per child registered in the school.  The volunteer hours can be completed by parents, other family members over the age of 18 (i.e. grandparents), or caregivers over the age of 18.

 There is only space here for one student's name; as we track volunteer hours per student, please submit separate forms for each of your students.

You may visit this page to submit your hours every time you have volunteered, or you may keep track of your hours and then submit a few at a time.  Please submit hours at least monthly, though, as we will be pulling reports from this page at the end of each month."

First and Last Name of Volunteer
First Name of Student
Last Name of Student
Date(s) of Volunteer Work
Description of Volunteer Work (Check all that appl
Classroom Help
Specialty Class Help
Committee Work
School Festival/Event
If "Other" was selected, please describe the volunteer work
Number of hours for this activity/event/occasion
Payment Information:
Processing Fee Rates:
Cards:3% plus $0.50 ($1.50 min)
(1.5% surcharge for foreign cards)
Method of Payment:
 Update Name from Personal/Organizational Information
Name on Account:
Routing Number:
Account Number:
Name on Card:
Account Number:
Expiration Date:
Billing Street Address:
Billing ZIP/Postal Code:
 Change Payment Method

Thank you for the gift of your time. 

It is vital to our school community and is deeply appreciated by our teachers, students, and staff.

Your statement will describe your payment as ‘CBT*WASATCH CHARTER’ and the service fee transaction as ‘CBT*SVC FEE WASATCH C’

Submitting ...
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