Ace Academy
Ace Academy Fee Schedule
School fees MUST be paid prior to the start of school

Student's First and Last NameFirst Name,Last Name
10th Grades
10th Grade Registration Fees:   $130.00   Select:   Item Subtotal:  
                                                                 Includes Academic Fees, Textbook Fees, Technology Fee and Curricular Active/Field Trip Fees.

11th-12th Grades
There are no textbook or academic support fees because 11th & 12th grade students will be purchasing collegiate textbooks at their own expense.
Please be aware there may be collegiate course fees.

11th and 12th Grade Registration:   $70.00   Select:   Item Subtotal:  
Includes Technology Fee and Extra Curricular/Field Trip Fees
Honor Society Fees:   $20.00   Select:   Item Subtotal:  
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                    (+1.5% processing fee for foreign cards)
eChecks: $0.49
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