Parowan High School
May 28th, 29th and 30th at
Parowan High School
**Registration Deadline is May 28th, 2019
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I hereby release Parowan High School, Iron County School District, Intermountain Sports Medicine, Ram Wrestling Camp and it's coaches from responsibility for any injuries sustained by my wrestler during the 2019 Ram Wrestling Camp. In addition, I give authority to the coaches and medical staff to admit my wrestler to the local hospital for emergency care should it be required
I, the undersigned, will accept all responsibility for any claims on my wrestler should hospitalization be necessary during the dates indicated on the registration while my wrestler is registered at Ram Wrestling Camp. In addition, Parowan High School, Iron County School District, Intermountain Sports Medicine, Ram Wrestling Camp, and it's coaches will not be held responsible for any payments on such occasion.
To the best of my knowledge my wrestler is physically fit to participate in the Ram Wrestling Camp. I know of no physical impairments which would limit their participation in such program.
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