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Applications will start being approved in May 2022, watch your email (check your spam)!
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Booth Information
Our Vendor Fair is open during hours after dark and during both cold and hot times of year. You are asked to stay for the entirety of the event and therefore need to come prepared with lighting, heat, fans, etc.  
Business Name
Please describe in detail all items that will be available for sale in your booth
Please describe what you will be vending from
If you marked other, please describe
Electric outlets for 110 volt/15 amp, will be available. If you require anything above the 110 volt/15 amp, you are required to provide yourself with a generator. For additional needs, prior approval is required.

Booth Requests
Art/Craft or Prepackaged Foods - $65
Food - $75
Power 110 volt/15 amp - $25
Additional Space - $25/ea:     Quantity:    
Special Requests will be on a first come first serve basis with priority given to return vendors in good standing. We will do our best to accommodate. NO GUARANTEES!
Special Requests


Spaces are 10'x10' All items MUST fit inside the 10'x10' spot including hitches, bumpers, tents, seating, etc. If you will be outside the 10'x10' spot, you will need to purchase an additional spot.

Inspection of cleanliness of booth area at end of event will be done and a $100 cleaning fee could be imposed. Keep your area clean!

Garbage must be picked up and in the dumpsters nightly.

Booth space is on pavement and will require weights to secure the booth. No stakes.

The vendor fair will take place rain or shine, please come prepared.

Vendors are responsible for their own equipment; canopies, tables, chairs, displays, extension cords, lighting, heat source, etc. Outlets may be several feet away from the booth site; cords need to be taped down in common walkways.

All Vendors are responsible to submit all tax payments to the state of Utah.

All vendors are required to carry their own insurance

Kane County Events, Kane County or Kanab City will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items, accidents, damage to equipment or personal injury.

There is no guarantee of exclusivity, vendors will be chosen on first come, first serve basis with priority given to returning vendors. Event organizers reserve the right to limit the vendor to selling only the items mentioned in the application.

If you require more than 110 volt/15 amp YOU MUST PROVIDE YOUR OWN POWER WITH A GENERATOR


All food vendors must obtain a temporary food permit from the Southwest Utah Public Health Department,https://swuhealth.org/utah-approved-online-food-handler-courses/ YOU NEED TO SUBMIT PERMIT WITH APPLICATION

You are required to provide your own fresh and grey water needs.

Vendor Agreement
I have read, understand and agree to all the requirements of being a vendor
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