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Application for Body Art Establishment Plan Review

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Requirements for Premises, see Section 11 for more information:
  • Separate, readily accessible hand-sink, Sec. 11.7
  • Minimum 1 hand sink per 3 operators and lavatory, Sec. 11.7
  • Plan review fee, Sec. 11.1
  • Solid Partitions or walls from rooms that may cause potential contamination, Sec. 11.2
  • 45 square feet floor space or each operator, Sec. 11.4
  • Storage area for instruments and supplies, Sec 11.9

Required Forms:
  • Disclosure statement and notice for filing a complaint (provided by TCHD), Sec. 5.1
  • Medical release form, Sec. 6.1
  • Inventory and Body Art Procedure, Sec. 3.1
  • Minor, parental consent form, Sec. 7.1, 3.10, 15.1
  • Establishment and Employee information, Sec. 3.1
  • Scale drawing of floor plan, Sec. 11.1

All of the above statements are true. I understand that any false information on this application may be cause for denial or revocation of my Body Art Health Permit. Permits may be revoked or suspended for violation of
Tooele County Health Department Regulation #10.
Permits are non-transferable.

Non-permitted establishment, need to pay $100 for the Mobile Body Art Establishment plan review.
Current permitted establishment, do not need an additional fee, but we will still need them to fill out the application.

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