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*There will be a travel surcharge of $0.56 per mile round trip (for a total of $1.12 per mile one way) from the San Juan County Administrative Building at 117 South Main, Monticello, UT 84535 for ALL APPLICANTS.
**Please then enter the number of miles to the site of the installation in the quantity box below. This box should ONLY be blank if the location is less than a mile from our office.

For Example, if your inspection is 20 miles from our office please enter "20" in the Travel Surcharge quantity box below.

CLICK HERE to find the mileage from your property to our office for the travel surcharge. This will use your current location if you are at your property. If you are not, please enter your address instead.
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Well Recertification:   $75.00   Select:   Item Subtotal:  
Travel Surcharge:   $1.12   Quantity:   Item Subtotal:  
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