River Heights - Misc Fees
Business License Renewal
River Heights City
520 South 500 East, River Heights, Utah 84321
Phone: (435)752-2646 Fax: (435)213-2125
If you are trying to register a new business, please complete the following form and deliver to the River Heights City office.  
Business License Application    
Prices increase by $30 starting on January 1st.
If your Business requires a fire inspection, a copy of the inspection will need to be faxed, mailed, or delivered in person to the City before the Business License will be issued.   To arrange for a fire inspection contact the Cache County Fire Dept @ 435-755-1670.

Business Owner Information
First Name: Last Name:
City: State/Province: ZIP/Postal Code:
Business Name
Business Description
Business Address
If Mailing Address is different, enter it here
Business Phone Number
Year Business Began
Business Hours
Will food be served by your Business?
Does your Business sell products?
State Sales Tax Number
Do you have employees besides yourself?
Number of Employees
FEIN Number
Are you State licensed?
State License Number
Type of State License
License Expiration Date
Please select your renewal option below.
Home Occupation (In Home):   $70.00   Select:   Item Subtotal:  
Home Occupation (Not Located In Home):   $90.00   Select:   Item Subtotal:  
Commercial (Less than 10,000 sq ft):   $180.00   Select:   Item Subtotal:  
Commercial (More than 10,000 sq ft):   $280.00   Select:   Item Subtotal:  

Please read and check the box below to agree to the following statement.

All businesses shall be operated in compliance with the River Heights City Ordinance and any conditions set forth.  License may be revoked or refused upon failure of the owner and/or operator to maintain the business in accordance with the standards and zoning requirements set forth at the time of approval.  All licenses expire December 31st of each year.  Unpaid fees on January 1 are subject to a $30 late fee.

It is the responsibility of the licensee to notify the City Office if they move, change their mailing address or close their business.

I certify that all of the above information is true and understand that any false or incomplete information can cause a license to be denied or the existing business to be closed.  Further, I agree to abide by all conditions of the River Heights City business license ordinance.

I have read and agree to the statement above.

Please be aware that payments will reflect on your statement as

CityFee 800-764-0844 Clinton UT
Payment Information:
Processing Fee Rates:
Cards:3% plus $0.25 ($1.50 min)
(1.5% surcharge for foreign cards)
Method of Payment:
 Update Name from Personal/Organizational Information
Name on Account:
Routing Number:
Account Number:
Name on Card:
Account Number:
Expiration Date:
Billing Street Address:
Billing ZIP/Postal Code:
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