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SIP Documentation
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The Login Page

Updated: May 20, 2015

The login page accepts the Login and Password of the administrator or user. Each merchant has their own login page URL:

The merchant name at the end is case dependent, however it is not required to login to an existing account. Each login will redirect the user to the correct merchant pages defined when the account was created.

The login page may also have, at the merchant's descretion, a button that allows a person to create his own login for making payments to that merchant.

Above the login text areas, there is a link for those that have forgotten their login or password. This links to a page where one can ask the system to email his login name or password. This option will email the requested information to the email address stored in his profile. This address can optionally be entered when the account is created and edited thereafter.

To enhance security, the system uses reCAPTCHA from Google to make sure you are a real person. This is to prevent automated attacks on the system. Simply follow the instructions provided. Much of the time, simply checking the "I'm not a robot" box is sufficient.

Upon successful login, the system will then display the appropriate home page based on the power of the login account.

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