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The User Payment Page

Updated: June 27, 2012

This page provides the means to make, schedule, or modify payments. It is broken into five main sections.

  • Amount of Payment - In this section, you will be asked to define the amount of payment and the category for the payment.
    • Apply to Account #: This is your account with the merchant. If you have registered more than one account for payment, you must select which one to apply this payment to.
    • Type of Payment: This defines if you are making a fixed payment or, for merchants that post their bills online, making a bill payment.
    • Amount of Payment: Fill in the amount of the payment you wish to make. For bill payments, the amount will be filled in by the system based on your most recent bill.
    • Web Service Fee: This will be computed automatically. Some merchants pay this fee for you and thus the amount will be zero. The web service fee for credit cards is generally higher than for eChecks, or debits from your bank account. The computation will be shown so you will know exactly what the fee is.
    • Total: The sum of the payment and the web service fee.
    • Payment Category: This permits you to select what merchant category this payment should be applied to. Merchants define the categories and thus, if there is only a single category defined, no selection will be required.
    • Memo: This is an optional short memo that you can attach to the payment.
  • Payment Date - The date section of the page will permit you to define the Period or Frequency of the payment. Other than bill payments which are generally monthly and are paid on the due date of the bill itself, you can select if you want to make a single payment, setup a recurring payment weekly or every other week, twice a month, monthly, every other month, quarterly, or annually. Then you specify the First Payment Date. Payments with a first payment date that has already passed will be sch eduled for immediate payment. Bank account debits are processed at the close of the banking day but credit card payments that are scheduled for a day that has passed or is the current day will be processed immediatly after authorization is given. Lastly, you must specify the number of payments for recurring payments.
  • Method of Payment - At this point you are required to setup a payment is the account or card that it will be debited. For merchants that accept ACH transactions, a personal checking or savings account or a business checking account with a United States Bank is required. For merchants that accept credit cards, a selection of Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express (optional) is selected.
  • Bank Account or Credit Card Information - In this section you will be required to enter your bank account information or your credit card information. Swiping of the credit cards is available for merchant use.
  • Authorization - Before any payment is processed, the processing fee, if any, that will be added to your payment will be displayed. At this point you must authorize it. This is done in the grey box at the bottom of this payment page. Clients making their own payments will be required to agree with the statement before submiting their payment. Administrators will be asked to declare if the client has signed a written authorization, agreed verbally, or originally entered the payment on the web. To actually submit the payment, click on the Submit Payment button. To cancel the payment, click Cancel. Otherwise, you can go back or edit any of the data associated with this payment.
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