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The User Home Page

Updated: June 27, 2012

This page shows you everything about your payment account with the given merchant. The status of the account is displayed just below the logos and menu bar at the top of the window. This status includes one or two links, one to deactivate the account and the other, visible only to administrators, to delete it. Deleting the account is only an option for administrators and is limited to accounts that have no payment history. If you or the administrator deactivates your account, you, the user, will be prevented from logging into the account and making any changes. Administrators can, however, still have access and can re-enable it if they choose.

Your address, phone, email address, login name are displayed below the menu bar in the left hand column. In the center top of the page, your account number (Student Name & ID) with your merchant (North Davis Preparatory - School Lunch)is displayed. If you have multiple merchant accounts associated with your login, then you will see your account number in a pulldown selector that enables you to select which account you wish to view or make payments on. To add a new account to your login use the Manage Accounts link in the Menu Bar.

The body of the page is used to show payment information. At the top, the table of Scheduled Payments is shown. This is where the Make a Payment button is located. This button is used to make or schedule a payment or auto-payment to this merchant. The merchant configuration determines if electronic checks (eChecks or ACH) and/or credit card payments are accepted.

Depending on the merchant configuration the next section below the scheduled payments will display your current billing, or account balance, or paystub information. If your bills are displayed you will have the option to view an electronic copy of your current or prior bills. If either the bill or simply the account balance is displayed, you will have the option to pay your bill with a one-time payment or to schedule an recurring auto-payment of your bill. If your paystubs are listed, you will have the option to view your current or prior paystubs.

Next is the Payment History table. This shows a list of recent payments made by processing date. Payment details include, the Payment ID, Processing Date, Amount, Fee (if any), Category, Account, Return Code, and Resolution. The Account column shows the last four digits of the bank checking or savings account or credit card number preceeded by a letter:

  • C - Personal Checking Account
  • S - Personal Savings Account
  • B - Business Checking Account
  • V - Visa Card
  • M - Mastercard
  • D - Discover Card
  • A - American Express Card

The last table shown is the Skipped Payments table which shows the payments that were not processed. The typical reason a payment is skipped is that no bill was imported into the system before the payment was processed or a duplicate payment was attempted.

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