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ACH Return Codes

   R01  -  Insufficient funds
   R02  -  Account closed
   R03  -  No account / unable to locate account
   R04  -  Invalid account number
   R05  -  Unauthorized debit to consumer account using corporate SEC code
   R06  -  Returned per ODFI request
   R07  -  Authorization revoked by customer
   R08  -  Payment stopped
   R09  -  Uncollected funds
   R10  -  Customer Advises not authorized
   R11  -  Check truncation entry return
   R12  -  Account sold to another DFI
   R13  -  Invalid ACH routing number
   R14  -  Representative payee deceased or unable to continue in that capacity
   R15  -  Beneficiary of account holder deceased
   R16  -  Account frozen
   R17  -  File record edit criteria
   R18  -  Improper effective entry date
   R19  -  Amount field error
   R20  -  Non-transaction account
   R21  -  Invalid company identification
   R22  -  Invalid individual ID number
   R23  -  Credit entry refused by receiver
   R24  -  Duplicate entry
   R25  -  Addenda error
   R26  -  Mandatory field error
   R27  -  Trace number error
   R28  -  Routing number check digit error
   R29  -  Corporate customer advises not authorized
   R30  -  RDFI not participant in check truncation program
   R31  -  Permissible return entry
   R32  -  RDFI non-settlement
   R33  -  Return of XCK entry
   R34  -  Limited participation DFI
   R35  -  Return of improper debit entry
   R36  -  Return of improper credit entry
   R37  -  Source document presented for payment
   R38  -  Stop payment on source Document
   R39  -  Improper source document
   R40  -  Return of ENR entry by federal government agency (ENR Only)
   R41  -  Invalid transaction code (ENR Only)
   R42  -  Routing number / check digit error (ENR only)
   R43  -  Invalid DFI account number (ENR only)
   R44  -  Invalid individual ID number (ENR only)
   R45  -  Invalid individual name / company name (ENR only)
   R46  -  Invalid representative payee indicator (ENR only)
   R47  -  Duplicate enrollment (ENR only)
   R50  -  State law affecting RCK acceptance
   R51  -  Item is ineligible, notice not provided, signature not genuine, item altered
   R52  -  Stop payment on item
   R53  -  Item and ACH Entry presented for payment
   R56  -  Invalid transaction date
   R57  -  Stale Date - Transaction is too old for processing
   R61  -  Misrouted return
   R62  -  Incorrect trace number
   R63  -  Incorrect dollar amount
   R64  -  Incorrect individual identification
   R65  -  Incorrect transaction code
   R66  -  Incorrect company identification
   R67  -  Duplicate return
   R68  -  Untimely return
   R69  -  Multiple errors
   R70  -  Permissible return entry not accepted
   R71  -  Misrouted dishonored return
   R72  -  Untimely dishonored return
   R73  -  Timely original return
   R74  -  Corrected return
   R75  -  Original return not a duplicate
   R76  -  No errors found
   R80  -  Cross-border payment coding error
   R81  -  Non-participant in cross-border program
   R82  -  Invalid foreign receiving DFI identification
   R83  -  Foreign receiving DFI unable to settle
   R84  -  Entry not processed by OGO
   R95  -  This transaction is over your authorized limit
   R96  -  Account on hold
   R97  -  RDFI does not allow this type of transaction
   R98  -  Invalid password
   R99  -  This account or ID has been declined due to unpaid items

ACH Change Codes

   C01  -  Incorrect DFI Account number
   C02  -  Incorrect routing number
   C03  -  Incorrect routing number and incorrect DFI account number
   C04  -  Incorrect individual name / receiving company name
   C05  -  Incorrect transaction code
   C06  -  Incorrect DFI account number and incorrect transaction code
   C07  -  Incorrect routing number, incorrect DFI account number, and incorrect transaction code
   C08  -  Incorrect foreign receiving DFI identification
   C09  -  Incorrect individual identification number
   C10  -  Incorrect company name
   C11  -  Incorrect company identification
   C12  -  Incorrect company name and incorrect company identification
   C13  -  Addenda format error
   C61  -  Misrouted notification of change
   C62  -  Incorrect trace number
   C63  -  Incorrect Company identification number
   C64  -  Incorrect individual identification number
   C65  -  Incorrectly formatted corrected data
   C66  -  Incorrect discretionary data
   C67  -  Routing number not from original entry detail record
   C68  -  DFI account number not from original entry detail record
   C69  -  Incorrect transaction code

Credit Card Decline Codes

   D00  -  Card has been declined
   D01  -  Merchant does not accept card type
   D02  -  Transaction not allowed
   D03  -  Incorrect payment data
   D04  -  Pickup Card
   D05  -  Do not Honor
   D07  -  No card number on file with issuer
   D08  -  Unable to retrieve current batch (No AVS response, typically no AVS data sent or swiped transaction)
   D09  -  Call issuer for further information
   D10  -  Lost card
   D11  -  Stolen card
   D12  -  Fraudulant card
   D13  -  Invalid Card Number
   D14  -  Invalid Credit Card Number or Address Information not verified for domestic transaction
   D15  -  Invalid Issuer
   D17  -  Credit card has expired
   D18  -  Declined with further instructions available
   D19  -  Declined - stop all recurring payments
   D20  -  Declined - stop this recurring program
   D21  -  Declined - updated cardholder data available
   D22  -  Declined - retry in a few days
   D23  -  Specified source key not found
   D27  -  Card Declined
   D29  -  Credit Card Number is required
   D32  -  Card processing is temporarily unavailable. Please try again in 30 minutes.
   D34  -  Billing information does not match credit card
   D40  -  AVS error
   D43  -  Transaction Requires Voice Authentication
   D44  -  Refund not permitted or amount exceeds original sale
   D45  -  Unable to locate transaction
   D46  -  Pin code required for credit/void
   D51  -  Insufficient funds
   D52  -  Chargeback
   D53  -  Rejected by gateway
   D54  -  Endpoint request timed out
   D57  -  Merchant does not support this card type
   D58  -  Retry / System Unavailable
   D62  -  Restricted Card
   D70  -  Declined
   D71  -  Declined
   D72  -  Error forced decline
   D73  -  Error forced decline
   D74  -  No Response (WP)
   D78  -  No checking account
   D80  -  Error returned by processor
   D81  -  Invalid merchant
   D83  -  Duplicate transaction at processor
   D84  -  Processor format error
   D85  -  Invalid expiration date.
   D86  -  Invalid card number or expiration date
   D90  -  Token invalid or expired
   D92  -  Gateway Invalid argument error
   D94  -  Invalid CVV2 Number
   D95  -  Hierarchy Verification Error (HV)
   D96  -  Processor feature not available
   D97  -  Declined possible security code or expiration date error
   D98  -  Gateway temporarily offline. Please try again.
   D99  -  Source key requirement not met (contact support)

Transaction Error Codes

   A00  -  Successfully processed; no error
   E01  -  Invalid Merchant ID
   E02  -  Invalid Merchant Account (1 to 50 char)
   E03  -  Invalid Merchant Transaction ID (1 to 50 char)
   E04  -  Invalid Transaction Date
   E05  -  Invalid Account Type (B/C/S) or SEC Code (WEB/PPD/TEL/CCD)
   E06  -  Invalid Direction (D/C)
   E07  -  Invalid ABA
   E08  -  Invalid Account Number (4 to 17 digits)
   E09  -  Amount must be greater than zero
   E10  -  Invalid Last Name (1 to 50 char)
   E11  -  Invalid First Name (1 to 50 char)
   E12  -  Invalid Address (1 to 50 char)
   E13  -  Invalid City (1 to 50 char)
   E14  -  Invalid State
   E15  -  Invalid 5 digit ZIP Code
   E16  -  Invalid 10 digit Phone Number
   E17  -  Matching payment not found
   E18  -  Payment already refunded
   E19  -  Duplicate Transaction (Note: A payment is considered to be a duplicate if it is processed within 5 minutes of another payment from the same bank or credit card account, for the same amount, and with the same category and memo. To enter two payments of the same amount at the same time, be sure to change the memo field to avoid having the second payment skipped as a duplicate payment.)
   E20  -  Failed to create User
   E21  -  Failed to create User Account
   E22  -  Failed to create payment
   E23  -  Merchant on hold - not accepting transactions
   E24  -  Invalid Merchant Name
   E25  -  Dynamic MIDs not supported
   E26  -  Invalid Merchant_Code.
   E27  -  Invalid Transaction_Type.
   E28  -  Invalid account name
   E29  -  Bank charges (ACH) not accepted by this merchant
   E30  -  Payment canceled by request/not processed
   E31  -  Shopping Cart payments not accepted
   E32  -  Credits not allowed
   E33  -  Invalid bank routing, account, or account type
   E34  -  Cannot find Customer_Account
   E35  -  Invalid transaction fee
   E36  -  Invalid total
   E37  -  Transaction not refundable
   E38  -  Improper Email Address
   E39  -  Payment refunded
   E50  -  Invalid ABA
   E51  -  Total credit limit exceeded
   E52  -  Chargeback History
   E53  -  Transaction refused by gateway
   E54  -  Invalid bank account - previously returned (R02,R03,R04,R14,R15,R16,R20)
   E55  -  Invalid bank account - previously corrected (C01,C02,C03,C05,C06,C07)
   E56  -  Not authorized bank account - previously returned (R07,R08,R10,R23,R29,R51)
   E57  -  Invalid bank account - manually set
   E58  -  Transaction voided
   E59  -  Expired Credit or Debit Card
   E60  -  Disabled or suspended user
   E61  -  BO Exception
   E70  -  Invalid Token
   E80  -  Error returned by processor
   E91  -  Gateway temporarily offline for maintenance. Please try again in a few minutes.
   E92  -  Gateway Invalid argument error
   E93  -  Gateway Amount exceeds single transaction limit
   E98  -  Payment already processed
   E99  -  Invalid input line
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