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CTxMS Format Bill Import Specification

Instructions for creating and uploading Property Tax Notices

In CTxMS go to Treasurer / Treasurer Reports / Taxroll Reports / Tax Notices.

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1. Real Property Tax Notices
To send output to a text file, make sure that the fields that are highlighted in yellow are selected. Under "Print Order", it does not matter which order is selected. After these 4 fields are selected click on "Print".

2. File Selection
After gathering the accounts, the Text File Output Dialog box will appear with the cursor in the File Name box. The file name field will be populated with a name that consists of the CountyName_TR_Year.csv  Always make sure you are saving to a Comma Delimited File as highlighted in yellow. This is the default and should not be changed unless there is a very good reason to. The upload process will reject a file if the extension is incorrect.
3. Upload Dialog
After selecting a file, the program will generate the new data and send the output to the designated file. When the upload begins, you will see a message window indicating that the upload is in progress but there will be no progress bar. Data is being copied to Instant Payments.

4. Done (TRDone.jpg)
When the upload is completed you will see a dialog box indicating success and to press OK. This will take you back to the Tax Notices printing form. All done!


Import file format for Property Tax Notices

Records in these import files come with a variable record format where the first field defines the record type, 1-7. There may be multiple records of any type except record type 1. The pertinent field headers for each record type are as follows:

1, Parcel, ... (15 fields)
2, ... (6 fields)
3, ... (5 fields)
4, ... (6 fields)
5, ... (3 fields)
6, ?, ?, Balance (4 fields)
7, LegalDescriptionFields (2 fields)

Sample Property Tax Notice

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