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PowerSchool Account Balances Import Specification

(updated August 17, 2017)

The file definition for importing balances from PowerSchool are as follows. The comma-delimited file must contain one account balance per record with the following record format. (See PowerSchool system instructions and the PowerSchool Auto Import of Student’s Balances addendum below for exporting files from PowerSchool.) The fields in the record are separated by commas and optionally enclosed in double-quotes (").  The filename has a suffix of ".csv".  The fields in the file are as follows:

Field Name Format Comment
Student ID number
First name (optional middle name can be included)
Lastname string Last name


Dollars.cents, dollar sign ($)
commas (,) ignored if enclosed in quotes
Negative number indicates credit due
Negative number indicates credit due
Inclusion of 'CR' indicate credit due
PatronID numeric Patron ID number (optional)
SchoolID numeric School ID number (optional)

This file should be imported in the top-level district account and the StudentID field should be unique within the all the schools of the district. It will be used to find student accounts in all of the schools below the district account. Balances for any and all matching student accounts will be updated to the given amount as of the date of import. The student accounts will be searched using only the StudentID and the student account numbers will be updated to this standard form, Lastname,Firstname-StudentID, so that the account balance can be reflected on each users' login home page.

This format file is expected when the merchant action flags in SIP are configured to support the Merchant File Transfer, Merchant PowerSchool Student Interface, and User Account Blance Display.

Note that the Simple Account Balances Import Specification will also work for PowerSchool file imports.

PowerSchool Auto Import of Student’s Balances

Consult your PowerSchool instructions and setup (districts can also reference PowerSource article 5824) for instructions on setting up managed connections. The following three simple steps illustrate the process.

  1. Enable the Repmote Connection Manager:

  2. Setup a Managed SFTP Connection:

  3. Configure an AutoSend to use the Managed Connection just setup:

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