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SIS Student Fee Import Specification

(updated November 26, 2019)

The definition for the comma-delimited file format contains one fee per record with the following header record when using the SIS student fee interface. See SIS system instructions for exporting files from SIS.


The fields in the record are separated by commas and optionally enclosed in double-quotes (").  The filename has a suffix of ".csv".  The fields in the file are as follows:

Field Name Format Req Comment
StudentID numeric Y Student ID number from Aspire
Student Last Name string Y
Student First Name string Y
School Name string Y This must match the merchant account name for the school
Track ID integer Y
Grade Level integer Y
School Year integer Y
Fee Name string Y Name of the fee in Aspire
Fee Amount ##.##
Y Amount originally due
Current Balance ##.##
Y Amount currently due for fee
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